Kindergarten – Year 6 Learning Areas


The curriculum for students in years K-3 will focus on foundational skills, knowledge and understanding that all children are expected to accomplish to develop their opportunities for continued learning. Priority in these years is given to Literacy and Social Skills. English, Literacy and Social Skills.

The curriculum works to accommodate and value the diverse social and cultural backgrounds and experiences that children bring to school.

These learning areas set a platform for children to construct and review their own learning through interaction with other children and also provide experimentation, practice and play in the classroom.


The curriculum for students between years 4-6 will be progressively organised through distinct learning areas. The curriculum in these years aims to emphasise and promote links between learning areas to further develop children’s knowledge and understanding.

With a priority on Literacy, Numeracy and Social Skills the curriculum also provides children with core knowledge across all agreed learning areas.

The learning areas in years 4-6 are designed to give children a better understanding and appreciation for different points of view, as well as create an awareness of justice and fair play.